⭐NFT Leveling

"This isn't even my final form!"

The NFT leveling system will be based on a tiered structure. Users will have the ability to level up their NFTs from level 1 to their max level. To level up an NFT, users will need to burn a certain number of lower-level NFTs. The exact number of NFTs required will depend on the NFT's tier and level.

NFT leveling offers several benefits for users, including:

  • Improved stats and moves: As NFTs level up, their stats and moves will improve, making them more valuable in the marketplace.

  • Increased scarcity: By burning lower-level NFTs to create higher-level NFTs, users are reducing the overall supply of NFTs, increasing the scarcity and value of each NFT.

  • Uniqueness: Leveling up an NFT will make it more unique, as the improved stats and moves will differentiate it from other NFTs of the same type.

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