Infrastructure Upgrades

Build an empire.

In addition to upgrading individual Organizations and Venues, players will also be able to upgrade the entire City. These upgrades will provide benefits the Venue within the City, increasing the Population and revenue earned from Shows.

The number of Infrastructure Upgrades available to a City is determined by the City's Wealth.

Cities can be upgraded in the following ways:

UpgradeDescriptionPopulation Increase

TV Station

Upgrading the city's TV station will increase the population.


Radio Station

Upgrading the city's radio station will increase the population.



Upgrading the city's newspaper will increase the population.


Local Business

Upgrading the city's local businesses will increase the population.


Training Center

COMING SOON - Unlocks the earning of Freelance wrestlers for land owners.


To unlock these upgrades, players will need to use $WOO tokens. These upgrades will not only increase the Population, but also the revenue earned from running Shows in that City.

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