The Variables Of Cities

WOO shows go down in sleepy towns and bustling capitals.

Each City will have its own unique Variables that will affect the player's ability to hold Shows and earn revenue. The Variables are:



The number of wrestling โ€œfansโ€ in a single area. This will determine how much of the population are fans.


The total โ€œmoneyโ€ the population has access to for spending. This will determine how much money the population has to spend.


The number of โ€œpeople + fansโ€ in an area. This will determine the number of people and fans in the area.

Just like in real-life, WOO will differentiate between "People" and "Fans." Knowing the difference between these two groups is vital to maximizing earnings.



Population - fans. They have a 1% chance of attending shows and will spend 10% of their wealth.


Population(fanbase star rating). They have a 55% chance of attending shows. 50% chance of getting to a show before people. They will spend 50% of their wealth.

Each of these Variables are rated on a 3 Star System, with 1 being the lowest version of that Variable and 3 being the highest version of that Variable. The best possible City that can be obtained is a 9 Star land. This means that it has 3 Stars in Fanbase, 3 Stars in Wealth, and 3 Stars in Population.

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